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  1. 1Discovery ? We review your site (both front end and backend) to understand what kind of markup is available for you. You provide us credential information for us to access and review your website?s backend, whether that be a CMS system, ecommerce software, or simply backend server files. Once we have completed our review, we will provide you an estimate for the work.
  2. 2Service Agreement ? You have reviewed the estimate and would like to move forward. We put together a brief Service Agreement which outlines the work to be performed and the terms. We send this to you via EchoSign which allows for electronic signature. You complete the Agreement and we put you in the queue to get started.
  3. 3Markup & Development ? This is where we begin marking up your code. If you have a development or testing environment, we will work on the project there, preparing it for going live. If you do not have a testing environment and the project warrants it, we can setup a testing environment on our development servers. If you are ok with development on the live site, we can do that too.
  4. 4Implementation ? Once the code is ready to go, we will notify you for approval. Once you provide the approval, we will push the finished code into the live environment.
  5. 5QA & Testing ? We test the markup using Google?s Structured Data Testing Tool. We are able to identify any errors in the markup and see how the search listing would appear if Google awards rich snippets.

Please Contact Us to learn how can help you implement semantic markup on your website.

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