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So now that you’ve heard about semantic markup, it’s time to learn the importance of it.

Why Semantic Markup?

Recently, the nature of search has changed quite dramatically. ?Semantic search?has become the norm, and search queries are now resulting in very detailed listings, complete with highly relevant information and images, and even “suggestions,” based on predictive technologies from search engines. ?For websites that sell products, semantic search has ushered in a whole new way to list and display those products by including ratings, reviews, availability, price, and much more. ?The overall goal of semantic search is to improve a user’s experience by returning only the highest-quality and most relevant results to a search query. ?Semantic markup can help.

Semantic markup?goes hand in hand with the shift to semantic search. ?Google, Yahoo and Bing are now looking for ways to ?authenticate? websites.? This type of validation is important because, again, the ultimate goal is to bring more valuable, higher-quality search results to users. ?One way that search engines, especially Google, are able to authenticate websites is by crawling sites and looking for structured (semantic) markup like or Good Relations. ?These “vocabularies” are universal markup languages that basically organize and structure data on websites so that search engines understand information on individual webpages better. ?Through the use of different types of semantic markup, search engines are able to provide enhanced search results, which in turn, make it easier for users to find relevant information on the web.

Here’s what semantic markup looks like, using as an example:



“Enhanced search results” generally means being awarding a “rich snippet” by Google. ?Internet users are more likely to react and respond when they are presented with imagery, colors, ratings, reviews, etc. ?Click-through-rate is also increased as a result of being awarded rich snippets.

In short, implementing semantic markup like and Good Relations is a sure-fire way to make sure that your site and its products are search-engine friendly and that they receive the proper attention they deserve from search engines and internet users. ?It starts with semantic markup and it ends with a rich snippet.

What is semantic markup and why is it important? ?The importance of adding markup to your site and its products has become quite important as the shift to semantic search has been well documented by at least three of the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Learn the types of semantic markup today so that you can start implementing it. ?When markup like is implemented on a website and it’s products (especially for Ecommerce websites), it appeals to both human visitors as well as the search engines.

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