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Increase Click Through Rates In SERPs

Did you know that having Rich Snippets results in higher click through rates? In a widely-circulated report, retail firms in the U.S. and world-wide received up to a 30% increase in organic traffic after being awarded Rich Snippets from using structured markup like and Good Relations.

The popular search engine optimization resource, Search Engine Land, helped make online businesses aware of the benefits of being awarded Rich Snippets by noting that enhanced listings like Rich Snippets allow internet users to see much more than a simple product description:

?Many retailers aren?t aware that only about 5 percent of their potential customers will see their offers in the SERPs when they shop. That means 95 percent will never get beyond a brief description of their products and services.?

Rich Snippets provide searchers with detailed information and imagery that they would normally only discover if they made a few clicks inside a website after entering that website. ?Detailed information and imagery? way include ratings, reviews, availability, and special offers as mentioned by Search Engine Land.

A classic example of a Rich Snippet:


And now, an example of a traditional search result:


Which one are you more likely to click on?

In short, Rich Snippets not only drive more traffic to websites that have them, but they also drive qualified traffic. Users that click on results with Rich Snippets are more likely to buy a product from that site as well.

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