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Enhance Your Search Engine Listings

A successful online store is what every ecommerce business wants. More and more users are buying online and sales are growing exponentially every year. As a result, the marketplace is increasingly competitive. How does your store compete with possibly thousands of other online stores that sell similar products? There are definitely a few ways in which you can increase your site?s visibility while improving its click-through-rate, ultimately boosting sales. It all starts with enhanced listings.

Enhanced Listings = Rich Snippets

Each search engine has their own form of ?enhanced listings.? For the most popular search engine, Google, almost all enhanced listings are displayed in the form of ?Rich Snippets.? Rich Snippets are awarded by Google and only appear if the search engine can truly validate and verify that what is being displayed in a search engine result is what?s in the website itself. Rich Snippets start out as semantic markup (usually that is implemented within a website?s code.

For sites that are selling goods and services, can be implemented to each individual item (and actually, this is the recommended practice). That way, each product can be indexed by search engines like Google. Awarded Rich Snippets help websites gain trust within Google and they also add to the authenticity of a site.

When Google can authenticate a website, it ?trusts? it more. When Google trusts a website, it?s more likely to rank it higher than others.

To the human eye, Rich Snippets are appealing and draw our attention to a specific result. They actually help filter out less-relevant results, making for a more enjoyable experience with easier navigation when looking up products and other information. Below is an example of an ?enhanced listing? in the form of a Rich Snippet that was awarded by Google:


Comparing the two search results shown above, which one are you more likely to click on? Information like ratings, reviews and additional attributes like colors and symbols (in this case, stars) are inviting to users and they tend to ?qualify? products when they see this type of information. As a result, they are more likely to click on them. Having Rich Snippets has been proven to boost click through rates (CTR) as well.

It?s important to note that nearly all products that have been awarded Rich Snippets show up in the first few pages of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Having Rich Snippets is excellent for both user and search engine alike.

The Privilege of Rich Snippets

Not everyone who implements structured markup like will be awarded Rich Snippets. They are only awarded after they have been thoroughly analyzed by Google. Semantic markup like needs to be constantly tested by the search engine to ensure its authenticity before a Rich Snippet is approved.

The entire process of being awarded a Rich Snippet by Google can be difficult to understand and quite time consuming as well. Kreidman definitely recommends working with experienced professionals who know the ins and outs of the process as well and who can help your site and its products be awarded Rich Snippets.

Your website is competing for a valuable share of the market, and with a huge number of online sellers that is constantly increasing, you definitely want to position yourself.

Some of the benefits of Rich Snippets have been briefly mentioned, but to recap, here?s a short list of what you gain from being awarded this type enhanced listing:

  • Website and product pages organized and easier to read by search engines
  • Detailed and valuable information shown in search results
  • Search results visually appealing to users
  • Improved click-through-rate (CTR)

The bottom line is that within a Rich Snippet, information like ratings, reviews, quantity on hand, as well as images (like stars, etc.) are all displayed. Not only does it look more appealing to internet browsers, but it also looks better to search engines. Of course Rich Snippets are the ultimate goal, but you must first implement markup in order to be awarded them.

Kreidman recommends not only implementing markup on your website, but we also strongly recommend enlisting the assistance of a professional service to accomplish this. Contact us today to learn more about how your site and its products can be awarded valuable Rich Snippets.

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