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Being Awarded Rich Snippets


In order to be awarded rich snippets from Google, you must first implement semantic (structured) markup on your site and its products. ?Markup like and Good Relations are universal html ?vocabularies? that help define characteristics of a website and it?s inside pages (including products). ?These characteristics are added to the code of a page or a product?s description in the hopes that they will then be displayed in the SERPs. ?Implementing structured markup that adheres to a search engine?s standards correctly will greatly increase your site?s pages or products chances of being awarded a rich snippet.

Here is what markup looks like:



So now that we’re getting better acquainted with rich snippets and understanding how important they are, it?s nice to get a little reinforcement from Google: ?rich snippets present more information about the content that exists on a page so that they can better decide which result is the most relevant to their query.?

Here is what the end-result of properly-implemented markup looks like – a rich snippet:



Google and other search engines are constantly looking for ways to increase the relevance of search results while improve the user?s experience. ?They are actively looking for sites that have implemented semantic markup like and Good Relations and are awarding rich snippets. ?Independent testing has shown that websites are also ranking higher in search results than those that don?t have rich snippets.

Get Help!

The bottom line is that implementing and Good Relations markup on your site and its products and ultimately being awarded rich snippets looks great to not only Google, but to your customers as well.

It?s definitely worth it to invest in the implementation of and Good Relations in order to receive rich snippets. ?Search Engine Land agrees: ?While there are challenges in implementation and it takes a little extra time, retailers will find it is very beneficial for creating loyalty and increased conversions.?

Kreidman knows that marking up an entire site and its products can be not only time-consuming, but very prone to error if not done to exact search engine specifications. ?We?d love to help you implement markup the right way so that you start seeing the rich snippets that your site deserves.

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